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It is in the history of a successful person that he has been taught by great teachers. The education sector is going through various reforms in best schools in Gurgaon to support the growing requirements of the students. We need a globalised education and a holistic approach towards the overall development of a child in this ever-evolving world. The world has become an open market and we need to enhance our human resources in such a way so that they can face all sorts of challenges and be competitive on the global platform. And for that, we need to focus on improvising our teaching methods. 


A first and foremost step that a teacher should follow is to divide the time of the class hours into two-part. The first and the longer hour split should be is for the introduction, a summary of the chapter, and then para-wise learning. The second half of the hour split should last for ten or seven minutes according to the class-hours in which students can ask their doubts. Teachers should instruct a student to always carry notebooks and write their doubts during lectures. 


Class teachers who usually get the first period should keep five or ten minutes aside and conduct quizzes based on static G.K., logical reasoning, and current affairs. They should also make sure that students are reading newspapers every day. If the home-work slots allow them they should ask students of secondary and senior secondary to write editorials which will help maintain their vocabulary as well as hold on the English language. 


Teachers who are allotted the last periods on a particular day can conduct a five minute of fun exercise just to energise the students so that they can concentrate better. Saturdays should be reserved to conduct competitions, sessions, seminars, outreach programs, etc so that skills, talents, and capabilities can be generated. There might be students who are shy to face the crowd and come up on stage, so the class teacher should keep a track of all those students and motivate or push them in the right direction.


Class teachers should come up with the idea of a class tree where a passport size picture of all the students who have achieved something should be pasted. This will give students a target and they will be encouraged to take part in various competitions. Also, there should be a monthly or a weekly change in the badge holders of the class so that everyone should inculcate leadership quality. 


Teaching methods of a teacher should also include that they try to inculcate reading habits in students by giving them extra readings based on chapters or from other knowledgeable sources in the starting and ending three days of every month and should ask them to submit a summary or response paper of the six assignments. The students with top-six readings can be awarded on the class tree or publication in the school magazine. 


Dancing Kids

Dancing, singing, drawing and theatre competitions should be organised on every fourteenth or fifteenth day of the month and literature teachers can divide the entire class into groups and can allot them chapters to create a theatre at the starting of the session so that students can prepare well with their teammates. This activity will create a fun-loving environment in the class and students can learn while enjoying the play.

Homework schedules should be divided into two or one subjects over the week. For instance, if there are six subjects in total, Monday should be booked for one subject home-work say English, Tuesdays should be booked for Math and teachers of respective subjects are allowed to assign regular and not-so lengthy work. There should be cooperation and understanding amongst teachers so that students are over-burdened with home-works every day and are allotted a week to complete and schedule their home-works according to their time-schedule. Everything can be possible with proper planning and not delaying as the procrastination will lead to piling-up of plenty of work. Also, this habit of a teacher will teach students the value of discipline and punctually that they have to complete their home-works one time which will encourage them to structure-out their time-table. 

A teacher is the source of knowledge and a student will consider her as his ideal. So, a school needs to make sure while recruiting that a teacher should always be qualified and trained. Meanwhile, a teacher should keep not practices biases or favouritism as it can make other students jealous of their classmates and can develop a sense of hate. A teacher should maintain a healthy environment in the classroom and not let her personal matters affect the mood of the students. Teaching methods are a way to make sure that no student is left out and has overall development.  



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