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Schools are the building blocks of our child’s academic career. An average child spends about 6-8 hours of his time daily in the school and hence, it is quite important that you as a parent select only the best Schools in Gurgaon that fits the child’s personality as well as suits the parents too and from the list of the best of the best, choose the one that stands out.

Different schools provide different facilities therefore here are 7 crucial facts you must consider while selecting a school for your child:

1. Proximity From Home

You don’t want your child to travel 25 km every day on their way to school. That will is not only time consuming but quite tiring as well for the child. It is recommended to look for Schools in Gurgaon that is not too far and should take a maximum of 30 minutes to reach from your residence. If that is not possible, try to find anything under 45 minutes of distance.

2. Competence Of Faculty

This is probably one of the most important points. Check the reviews of the school and its teachers online and from parents whose children already study there.

The learning methodology they follow at school, the educational qualification and experience background of the teachers and the quality of learning, etc. should be kept in mind before choosing any school. Talk to teachers, if possible. The more you know about the Schools in Gurgaon, the better it is. After all, it is going to prepare your child for the very first stage of their life.

3. Extracurricular Activities

Check if the school has a ground where children can play and the kind of extracurricular activities children will get exposure too. Many Schools in Gurgaon provide yoga, martial arts, music, dancing, cooking, coding, to name a few. Select a school based on your child’s interest.

4. Budget

As much as we want our children to study in best of the schools, our budget is also imperative to which school we chose. Choose better Schools in Gurgaon where you can sustain to pay fees regularly and this does not become a burden for you.

5. Transparency

When you communicate with the administration team, check if the policies and procedures are transparent and nothing is hidden.

6. Education Board

There are many boards available in our country, the most preferred ones are CBSE & ICSE when it comes to education. CBSE among others is famous for their simplicity and easy way of learning. They have a well-structured syllabus that comes with easy-to-learn books. CBSE helps students to learn a variety of topics with vast diversity of topics that can guide a students throughout their lives.
There are many other boards that are equivalent to CBSE but is it up to the parents to choose as per their preference between CBSE, ICSE, IB or Cambridge. From the list of Schools in Gurgaon CD International School is serving the best CBSE education to their students.

7. Student-Teacher Ratio

Last but not the least, Student-Teacher ratio needs to be one of the checkpoints. Your child is an individual and although every child cannot be given individual attention – at least having a smaller amount of kids in a class helps a teacher to concentrate on all kids equally. A class with 60 children is just like a child attending a seminar in an auditorium.
At CD International School, our ever-growing community takes great pride in its reputation to be among the Schools in Gurgaon. We achieved great feats in pursing the highest standards of academicexcellence, its quality Science and Arts programs, a history of sporting achievements, the excellent behaviour of its students and the expertise of its teachers.
Additionally, CDIS is a safe and nurturing place where students can grow spiritually, broaden academically, develop physically, and engage in meaningful service to the community.



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