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Success does not happen overnight and comes after years of struggle. A student encounters and overcome hurdles every day which shines as a success after years of hard work and perseverance. Success can be conquered if a student maintains a proper daily routine in his life. Daily routine will not just be beneficial for academic purposes but also to structure out a proper lifestyle. Disciple cannot be learned overnight and requires determination but following a daily routine can make it easier because you are committing to progress in your future goals. It a wide world outside full of knowledge but you have only one life to learn about them so if you are focussed and ready to explore into the deep ocean of knowledge, there is no better way than planning your daily routine and follow it strictly.

It is advised that the daily routine of a student should start by waking up early. We all can understand that it is difficult to wake up early but we should always look at the brighter side while planning our lifestyle. It shall be noted that when you maintain a healthy lifestyle it can be discerned in all the aspects of your life. A normal person needs 6-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis and sleeping more can reflect a sluggish attitude. You are the master of your own chariot so it is upon you to shape it properly.

The next step in the daily routine of a student would be to meditate every morning for around 10 minutes after performing 15 minutes of regressive exercise because you might feel sleepy during mediation which is common. We would agree that we crave for mouth -watery street foods but we all are mature enough to understand that they are not good for our health. So, its high time that we maintain a proper diet and eat nutritious home-made food. Morning times are best for gaining knowledge and if you are experiencing difficulty in understanding anything, it is recommended that you resolve that issue first thing in the morning. Try gaining new and diverse knowledge in the morning as it is the most effective time in the whole day. Read newspapers, especially editorials and underline hard vocabulary words and note them done in a separate diary and look for meanings online

The daily routine of a studentalso includes that a student should maintain proper notesand revise them after class hours. Even after coming come, they should first eat their lunch for maintaining a proper diet and then reserve 15 minutes to revise them again. It is in my personal opinion that they should schedule their own time tables accordingly after considering school timing and parents should help them with it. If a student finds and can manage time, he should sleep for an hour in the afternoon or join extra-curricular activity class or sports to gather extra skills, talents, and expertise. They should go online and enrol for certificate courses or watch educational videos to embrace their knowledge.

The daily routine of a student should first and foremost include writing on regular basis and for that, it is advised that you should maintain a personal diary and attempt to write more than one page every day. It would be more profitable if students write it in the English language as it is our second language and less preferred while communication. It is important to develop an understanding and generate interpretative skills. You should write to the dairy every night before sleeping and try adding hard vocabulary that you learned over time while reading a newspaper.


A student might be burdened with his homework but it is upon students to figure out a middle way so that they can are not left behind in this competitive world to grab their desired seat. It can be a stressful life where you are always overburdened with work and are juggling to maintain a time balance between attaining extra knowledge and completing school work. So, it is advised that a student should stop procrastinating and schedule everything before time.

For example, Firstly, on weekend holidays you can completely focus on gaining extra knowledge and can schedule the working days to complete homework on time. Secondly, utilize your summer or winter vacations to complete your holiday home-work at first and then focus on gaining extra knowledge. Schedule your vacations in such a way that completely focus on finishing your projects in the first week and then proceed on with your plan. Everything is possible if you stop procrastinating and structure out a concrete and proper schedule.



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