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We often choose schools particularly by selecting some best schools in Gurgaon by academic measures but we often forget that we should also care for child’s mental care. Pressurizing someone to study is often bad for mental health, thus the child fails to study. To counter this issue, the CBSE board has come up with a special curriculum that deals with this.

So far, the top and the best schools in Gurgaon has not delayed in taking up such curriculums to ensure good health of their students. But before we learn more about schools, let’s discuss what is this new curriculum.

What is the context?

The psychological crisis in children is one of the most attention grasping factors where we can easily distinguish households according to their lifestyle, income, and relationships.

Often we forget or easily excuse the mental health of a child which could affect their overall development in the outside world, even if the child is in the best schools in Gurgaon. Some children are seen to be raised posh gated multi-storied communities where they are seen to catch hold of unguided media and minimum exposure to the natural world and society.

On the other hand, some children have poor nourishment and might not have seen toys and done playful activities before they enter school.

These have caused challenges in best schools in Gurgaon that have gone beyond just low standards of learning or unsatisfactory academic results.

Physiological and emotional disturbances have been seen to occur due to prolonged subjection to many of the following factors:

  • Peer-interaction conflicts
  • Family-system conflicts
  • Socio-cultural components

This compels us to rethink once again: Is scholastic performance all that we look for or there are more boundaries to the purpose of education?

The National Curriculum Framework, 2005 states that education, specially in the best schools in Gurgaon, be seen and felt like a liberating process for the learners. Hence, taking into consideration all the societal impacts of education, Delhi Government has decided to take a greater leap in the methodology of education and have introduced the Happiness Curriculum Nursery classer to 8th standard to ensure harmony and peace with their inner self in the learning process. This would be a stepping stone towards contributing to a happy, vibrant and positive society.


The picture shown above is the proposed model of happiness in 1999 by A. Nagraj. This model is called the ‘happiness triad’ which consists of:

  • Happiness through our senses
  • Feelings in relationships
  • Learning (change in behavior according to constructive understanding) & Awareness

Design and Pedagogy

The weekly design of the happiness curriculum includes:

Nursery and KG:

Monday & Thursday- Mindfulness Activities/Exercises

Class 1-2:Monday- Mindfulness Activities/Exercises

Tuesday and Thursday-Story followed by reflective questions

Class 3-5 and Class 6-8:

Monday- Mindfulness Activities/Exercises

Tuesday- Story followed by reflective questions

Wednesday- Reflection & Discussion on the story of the previous day and sharing of feedback

Thursday & Friday- Activities and Reflective Discussion

Saturday-Self-Expression/Reflection of behavior changes with weekly self-observation


As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi “Literary education is of no value, if it is not able to build up a sound character”, it is indeed going to be a success in modern education if the best schools in Gurgaon and students buckle up for the race of life and not just rank.



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