At C.D. Foundation we will provide a robust infrastructure which provides an environment to promote

  • effective learning and teaching
  • incorporate new technology
  • be environmentally sustainable
  • Support community involvement


We understand that laboratory is a place where the teacher and students, who are equal knowledge seekers, conduct practical's and facilitate observation of the experiments conducted and results recorded. At C.D. Foundation we will provide well equipped state of the art research standard laboratory equipments.


Our library will be an excellent learning resource centre stocked up with a wide range of reading resources which the students and staffs can utilize as and when required. It will be a completely automated Senior Library with over 12,000 books

Activity Block

To draw out the artistic talents of the students we will provide.

  • Studios for practicing Dance, Music & Theatre.
  • Practice rooms for Art, Craft, Sitar, Guitar, Tabla & Keyboard.
  • Full-Fledged auditorium with adequate light effects and a seating capacity of worth 200 persons.

Computer Lab

It is no hidden fact that computer education is becoming absolutely vital for everyone who belongs to this modern-day society. C.D. Foundation will be giving a lot of prominence to the role of computers in our education system. Students will be provided ample practical computer training in a well equipped & furnished computer lab.


Outdoor Facilities Indoor Facilities
2 basketball Courts 3 table-tennis tables.
2 Volleyball Courts Chess & Caromm Facilities
Cricket ground & 3 practice nets Pool/ Billiards Table
National standard football field Yoga training

Event Gallery

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