Eductional Philosophy

C.D. seeks to educate students at an internationally competitive level. With raised academic expectations, implemented through an accelerated curriculum that pushes students to reach their highest academic potential, C.D. prepares middle and high school students to compete with their peers with highly performing educational systems.

The C.D. educational philosophy, which is quite straightforward, rests on four legs: A rigorous curriculum, student accountability, and knowledgeable and effective teachers.

Rigorous Curriculum

We implement an internationally benchmarked and a challenging curriculum that will provide complete and holistic education through a developmental approach.

Student Accountability

  • We teach students to take responsibility for their educational achievement.
  • We hold students accountable for mastering grade level material through Comprehensive and Board Examinations.
  • We teach students organizational and study skills in the early middle school grades.

Knowledgeable and Effective Teachers

  • C.D. will recruit and hire knowledgeable and effective teachers who are capable of conveying difficult concepts and content to young students.
  • C.D. will reward teachers for the learning gains made by their students through a fundraising campaign to provide top quality teachers with salary supplements and bonuses.
  • C.D. will give its expert teachers a large degree of autonomy in curriculum design and pedagogy.

Project Based Learning

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

Children learn best by doing. At C.D. foundation we allow students to develop different talents through individual projects which would be the basic trait of each of our smart classroom. Our approach enables students to understand an issue or a concept by using all their senses.

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