The course of study at C.D. School focuses on the traditional core curriculum areas of mathematics, English, science and history as well as additional emphases on fine arts and community service. School also recognizes education in the fine arts, both in terms of performance and appreciation, builds an aesthetic understanding that remains with students for a lifetime.

Some basic features

  • Rather than following the system of streaming the students according to their performance, they are randomly divided into sections.
  • The School follows a five day and alternate Saturday off in a week where each period is refer to as of 30mins.
  • The overall student/teacher ratio would be around 10:1, and the average strength of would be around 30 students.
  • The teachers will be assigned classrooms, while the students walk to their respective subject rooms at the end of each 'school'.
  • The break between the first and second bell refreshes their minds, stretches their limbs and gives them an opportunity to reflect on what has been taught.
  • Yoga, Music, Art, Carpentry, Sanskrit and Design and Technology subjects will also be taught and students could opt for any one of these activities.

At C.D. INTERNATIONAL students would be given individual attention and the focus would be on the development of the child where he/she can do self-learning.

Primary Section (Pre Nursery to 5th Grade)

The aim of our Primary Section program is to create a joyous vibrant space for children to feel comfortable with themselves and their environment. It is in these years that a basic foundation is laid down for all academic skills which are required for students to be truly successful.

At C.D. Foundation we aim to nurture children who enjoy academic rigour, care about others and the environment and can increasingly take responsibility for their own learning and actions.

The home assignments given will not be a carryover of class work but would be oriented towards ways and means of honing individual talents. Special stress would be given on projects and group activities. By the time, children would reach the end of the middle years they would have accumulated those skills and knowledge that will stand by them not just in the senior years but for life.

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Middle Section (6th to 8th Grade)

The Middle years of a child are very critical as this is the time when he/she could roll anyway i.e. good or bad. At this stage they become very inquisitive & start seeking answers of each of their query in the surrounding world.

Our Comprehensive program mainly focuses on building concepts, knowledge and skill sets through Project Based Learning. It provides the child with real -life connection that is important for experiential learning. Most projects are inter-disciplinary and provide a context, problem or purpose that children can relate to.

The assessment, evaluation and reporting is based on stated curriculum expectations and achievement criteria. Achievement charts for each discipline provides a reference point for all assessment practices and the framework used to assess and evaluate student's achievement.

The high- tech labs and classrooms, established for the children of Middle School give them an opportunity to apply analytical approach to their knowledge. The handpicked set of well qualified faculty uses methods and tools to enhance the competitiveness of the students.

We will work upon a culture of excellence through continuous planning, execution and reflection. This would include academic quality monitoring and the implementation of educational activities.

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