Chairman Messages

Let me extend a very hearty welcome to all prospective parents who have shown an interest in the CD Foundation of Education.

As the chairman of the educational trust I am very delighted to exchange my thoughts with you.

I strongly believe that the one concerted area that wittingly or unwittingly can shape the personality and character of a society is education - and I refer to fundamental education at the institute level. It is absolutely imperative to prioritize education and its issues on the national agenda, not only in discourse but in action.

Our country needs people who will persevere in the face of odds, who are willing to continuously learn and change, who have an inherent sense of curiosity, who see diversity and plurality as strengths.. and who will stand firmly by a set of values that guide them through life.

Our education system as it stands today is in need of transformation, and transforming our education is really the key to transforming India's destiny.

At the CD Foundation of Education, we will help the children to tap their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse opportunities and a large number of activities. The institute will be laying great emphasis on overall development and growth of its students and would continue to work vigorously in this direction.

I am certain that under the guidance of highly professional academic faculty, the instituteing in CD Foundation of Education is bound to be an overwhelming and memorable experience.

With Best Wishes,
Yashpal Yadav

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