About Us

Who We Are?

The CD International School with CBSE affiliation with a vision of modern Education and ethics was founded in 2011. The CD Society was established by Shri Ganga Bishan Yadav. The Chairman of the Trust is Mrs. Rekha Yadav. The Management headed by Mr. Yashpal Yadav is committed to excellence in Education by providing quality and ideal learning environment. The school encourages students to explore, experience, experiment and find their own path of discovery. CDIS is the top schools in Gurgaon with a fresh approach to education and strive to achieve its goal by an amalgamation of conventional with modern education to develop the potential of the child by increasing his/her intellectual, social, ethical and physical needs.

Our Values


In C.D. Foundation we hope and believe in the goodness and reliability of a person. We offered as a means by which things will turn out well in the end, can be enjoyed in the present and secured in the future.


We consider it as our moral value to fulfill an assigned responsibility and as an extension of that, not to let down any expectations.


Our Trust believes integrity is a skill you have to teach yourself, because you're not born with it, but it is something that you can make yours. It requires honesty, the ability to follow a moral code, and loyalty to yourself and your beliefs, as for this we all endeavor to achieve.


Students at C.D. Foundation are called upon to be stewards of their institute by caring for their fellow students, the institute campus, and the institute's traditions. In ways small and large, students learn to be caretakers of the people and things that make up their environment.

Fulfilling our Potential

We believe that each one of us carry within us a seed of greatness or a vast potential that is just awaiting to be unearthed and unleashed and the responsibility is on us to discover, unearth and actualizing this that would ultimately bring us true fulfillment as we live a life of destiny.

Why CD International School?

" Learn, Achieve, Contribute "

The motto of the school is the very essence of its foundation. The school is committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive program. Within a caring, respectful, multicultural environment, the school is committed to instilling in each student a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks, and to accept challenges. The school community is committed to developing students who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills and become personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible adults.

why choose us

Why Choose Us?

For professionalism and transparency, C.D.Foundation has laid down policies and procudures for smooth functioning of the school and the CBSE Ranks our school among The Top Schools In Gurgaon.


Medical Check up of all the students is done periodically by a team of doctors. Their recommendations are forwarded to the Parents.


Parents are requested not to send sick children to school for attending classes or appearing in the examinations. Medical Certificates must be submitted so that the child's results are not affected.


Absence from the school breaks the continuity in the learning process of the child. Certain norms regarding absence have to be observed by students as well as parents to keep discipline and the system of the school in order.

  1. It is compulsary for students of Grade III to XII to maintain 85% attendance during the course of the Academic Session, to enable them to appear for the term end examination.
  2. The application should be given at least one day in advance.
  3. Students who have been on leave for more than one day must give a convincing reason for their absence in their application.
  4. Students who have been sick should bring a medical Certificate from their doctor.


Medical Check up of all the students is done periodically by a team of doctors. Their recommendations are forwarded to the Parents.

Our Vision

We aim to rise above the ordinary by developing education which can transform lives and communities. Inspired by our faith and together with our parents and communities, we aim for each person to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit. Everyone in our institute deserves to be cared for unconditionally and valued equally as a unique creation, made in the image of God. In our learning, in our work, in our relationships and in the ways in which we organize our community we are committed to:

  1. At CDIS, our vision is to foster among our students.
  2. Academic excellence, ensuring that ultimately the best emulate us.
  3. A quest for true knowledge to evolve as a self-confident, multi-faceted human being.
  4. Desirable traits and characteristics – that intangible something, which is called personality.
  5. The force of “self” within an individual for all round holistic development in order to produce good citizens.
  6. Values that help cross all hurdles and barriers in life.

Our Mission


CD Foundation of Education is committed to provide holistic, quality & a comprehensive academic program which opens up innumerous possibilities & add success in the real life of each of its student. It is built on a solid foundation of innovative thinking, application of technology in traditional systems of education, together with a dedication to nurture leaders of tomorrow.

Message from the desk of director

It is our endeavour to establish a quality- concious school where....

  1. Excellence is driven by value.
  2. Success is strengthened by ethics and
  3. Modernity is fortified by tradition.

Our mission is to provide an outstanding education and inspire our students to engage in both academic and enriching extra curricular programmes. CD Group of Schools has earned its outstanding reputation through its student's success, its rigorous educational programme, its excellent and dedicated staff.

Our commitment is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners, well prepared to thrive in the twenty-first century. We do understand how educators are responding to students interest in a new paradigm for learning and how they may be leveraging technology to facilitate digitally rich learning environment, where students have opportunities to learn collaboratively. The school's motto encapsulates our aspirations and the enormity of effort required to bring about excellence in every facet of the school.

With Best Wishes
- Yashpal Yadav

Principal's Message

I feel very proud to be part of CDIS. As I go in its past history CDIS has produced many talented students who brought glory at both national and international platform and I feel that the same feeling would be inside our glorious alumni too. The diversity of events they experienced here, the teachers and peer, they interacted and studied with the remarkable environment of the school. CDIS has given every student a mark of wisdom, goodness and truth. We invite all our well wishers to be a part of our journey and make a better tomorrow for the entire nation.

Working together makes a difference and help our students achieve.

With Best Wishes
- Anil Kumar Saini